There are a few moments in everyone’s life, whose significance is realized only later. I hope in retrospection years down the line, flipping into 2021 turns out to be one such occasion for you, for good.

There is a lot I can rant about the last ugly, slippery slope of…

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If the last few weeks were hectic for the 10th and 12th class students, the previous two days did not turn out to be devoid of any sleepless nights either. The decision was to be announced, in the Indian terminology the 16–17 year-olds would know if they “proved” themselves enough…

When you need anime, Akihabara is the place to jump!!

A post I wrote on my last night in Japan. (With some edits and add-ons)

(2nd June 2017)
So this is the last day, rather night in this place full of magic, surprises and a huge number of little things that make it the awesomest city I have ever visited. Not…

Most of us while preparing for Software Engineering Full-Time/Intern profiles find it difficult to bring in a sense of continuity. Tracking the progress should give a feel of responsibility to our inner self. With this idea and inspiration from a reddit post and a similar initiative, I along with @rrichajalota have created a project called 30 days of code.

Coding daily is a very important key to achieve success in the field of software engineering. Doing it for a month will sink it in your system and gradually would become a habit. Looking forward to see plenty of programmers joining our hands in this plan :). Lets Code!

Siddharth Gupta

Soccer Fan, Chess Geek, Number Nerd

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